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The Learning Resource Centre at the Indian School of Business aims to be the best in Asia and systematically adds resources to its existing collection. In a short span of time, the Centre has acquired over 50 databases to cater to the different needs of our users:

The ISB is the first school in Asia to have Wharton Research Data Services, or WRDS. This is a comprehensive web-based data management system that allows the easy retrieval of information from a wide variety of financial, economic, and marketing data sources. LRC users can access the following information through WRDS:

  • Historical financial data from CRSP and COMPUSTAT
  • Security prices and trading volume, income and balance sheet items for over 30,000 companies
  • IBES' analyst projections for earnings and sales
  • Stock market indices, bond prices and interest rates
  • Mutual fund and stock ownership information
  • Options data
  • Macroeconomic time series
  • International data, marketing and industry reports
  • Web usage data
If any member would like the LRC to procure a database, you can make a request through the Database Suggestion Form and subject to certain guidelines, we would try and acquire the same. The LRC has clearly defined policies for database usage on photocopying and distribution of articles, and users are expected to adhere to the same.
As a policy, ISB shouldn't disclose the user id and password to the outsiders. Students, Faculty, and the staff of ISB should not entertain downloading, forwarding any content to an outsider who is not an authorised user. The annual license to the subscribed database allows the licensee only to access, browse, and search the database. The licensee should not save the search results on to his system.
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