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Circulation Policies for Faculty and Staff
Faculty & staff    
Resource Quantity Duration Renewal Loss / Damage

Faculty 20 10 5 15 4 months 1 month 1 month 1 month Twice if no reservation Replace within 30 days at user's cost.If the user fails, the LRC will purchase and charge the actual cost of the resource plus 20% depending on the type of resource

Visiting faculty

  5 3 days Not mentioned

AV resources-Floppies/CDs

2 2 Days No


1 2 Days No
General rules

  • The ID card should be presented at the time of issue.
  • The Users should get the items duly issued at the Circulation Counter and collect them in person.
  • Reference resources will not be issued.
  • Reminders would be sent to the users daily for overdue items.
  • The identity of the person who has borrowed a particular resource will not be revealed to the other users.
  • Pending fines for each user will be submitted to the Accounts department on a quarterly basis for further action
  • Resources can be reserved only when they are on loan and not when they are available.
  • The availability of the reserved item would be informed through e-mail.
  • The reserved resource should be collected from LRC within 24 hours after intimation, otherwise the reservation stands cancelled.
Research service
  • Special Service would be provided to the Faculty and Research Staff for retrieval of information from the Electronic Resources available with LRC.
  • The Teaching Associate working for the Faculty would receive one copy of the required textbooks at the beginning of the course, which should be returned at the end of the Term. Latest journals will not be issued.
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