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The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) at the Indian School of Business proactively realises the need for customised information products to cater to the needs of our stakeholders, who being pressed for time are unable to utilise the wealth of resources for their academic and other decision making purposes.

Our flagship info-product “Global InfoWatch” was conceptualised in 2008 with the clear objective of extended value added service providing up-to-date information on B-schools in India and across the globe. Industry trends and market research updates to help students to perform better in their assignments, projects and other academic pursuits are also provided.  The product was launched and effectively promoted in early 2009 after thorough beta testing and necessary customisation based on stakeholders’ feedback. The product is extremely useful for stakeholders in taking informed decisions as it tracks and disseminates data on success parameters such as admissions, b-school profiles, placements, executive education, and intellectual contribution across the other business schools from published literature. 

The Placement Guide and Industry Watch under the umbrella of Global InfoWatch enhance the content with specialised updates on recruiters for campus placements, industry updates, and market trends. These products give students the edge during placement interviews as the latest information is accessible on a single platform in a personalised way, i.e., students and other stakeholders have the privilege of setting their preferences and can modify their interests from time to time, dynamically. The other sub-products such as Course Guide, CD-Watch, etc also help the stakeholders in enhancing their performance.

We have extensively involved our stakeholders in creating these products from conceptualisation, design, beta testing, and also in promotional campaigns. These products have been successful primarily as they are not only user centric and directly benefit the target segments, but they are also very user friendly. Such info-products would definitely enhance the productivity of the organisation and the quality of the learning experience for its stakeholders. 

Course Guide An online quick reference guide indicating the useful resources available at the LRC to assist students on course-related topics. Students can learn about the relevant books, text books, journals- print and online, databases, etc. to be referred for a particular course.

B-School Dossier A one-point source for B-school databases and information across the globe which provides facts about admissions, faculty, and placements, among others. It also throws a light on the rankings of B-schools in US, Europe, Asia, etc. In addition to this, useful links to different conferences, seminars, fellowships, scholarships, management associations, and chairs are also provided.

Global InfoWatch A monthly update on the latest trends in various industry sectors, current happenings in B-schools across the globe and some thought provoking articles on management. This product caters to the top management, business unit heads, and students. It tracks all the published information, recent developments and key success factors of B-schools around the world, and at the same time provides a gateway to browse the ISB in the news. Through Placement Guide Students have access to all the relevant and updated information about various companies coming to the campus for recruitment. Details such as company overview, latest news, financial statements, analysis reports, and last but not the least, a direct link to the career opportunities of those companies are provided. This becomes very handy during the placement season as students prepare for interviews.

Fundraising InfoSource Fundraising Info Source offers a comprehensive range of information related to the developmental activities at ISB. LRC compiles datasets and the latest information related to grants, donations, endowments, etc. The product provides facts and figures of the top international companies, world wealth reports, chairs and foundations, and lists of leading Indian companies and business leaders. Development news on the latest happenings in various B-schools and relevant books, articles, databases or biographies available at the LRC are also listed here.

JobWatch Job advertisements related to students’ areas of interest, published from different sources - national and international, are tracked down and listed here. This product is also designed to help students know more about emerging opportunities in different industry sectors. It is especially useful for those students who are looking for lateral placements.  

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