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Subject wise List
Publishers-wise List
S.No Journal
2 IBM Systems Journal
3 The ICFAI Journal of Applied Finance
4 IEEE Intelligent Systems & their Applications
5 IEEE Software
6 IEEE Spectrum
7 IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
8 IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man & Cybernetics A: Systems & Humans
9 IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man & Cybernetics B: Cybernetics
10 IEEE: Transactions on Knowledge & Data Engineering
11 IEEE: Transactions on Software Engineering
12 IIC Monthly Newsletter
13 IIE Solutions
14 ILA Bulletin
15 IMF Staff Papers
16 Inc. Magazine
17 India Today
18 Indian Economic Diary
19 Indian Economic Review
20 Indian Export Bulletin
21 Indian Factories and Labor Reports
22 The Indian Journal of Commerce
23 Indian Journal of Economics
24 Indian Journal of Gender Studies
25 Indian Journal of Industrial Relations
26 Indian Journal of Public Administration
27 Indian Journal of Training & Development
28 Indian Journal of Transport Management
29 Indian Management Magazine
30 Indian Social Science Review
31 Industrial & Labor Relations Review
32 Industrial Marketing Management
33 Industrial Relations Journal
34 Infor
35 Information & Management
36 Information & Organization
37 The Information Society: An International Journal
38 Information Systems Management
39 Information Systems Research
40 Information Technology & People
41 Information Technology
42 Information Today and Tomorrow
43 Inside Outside: The Indian Design Magazine
44 Insurance & Technology
45 Intelligent Investor
46 Interfaces
47 International Abstracts in Operations Research
48 International Financial Statistics
49 International Herald Tribune
50 International Journal of  Business Performance Management
51 International Journal of  Management & Decision Making
52 International Journal of Accounting, The
53 International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
54 The International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing
55 An International Journal of Computers & Operations Research
56 International Journal of Electronic Commerce
57 International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management
58 International Journal of Human Resource Development & Management
59 International Journal of Innovation Management
60 International Journal of Manufacturing Technology & Management
61 International Journal of Production Economics
62 International Journal of Production Research
63 International Journal of Research in Marketing
64 International Journal of Services Technology & Management
65 International Journal of Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering
66 International Journal of Strategic Cost Management
67 International Journal of Technology Management
68 International Journal of Technology, Policy & Management
69 International Journal of Transport Economics
70 Investment Dealers Digest

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