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Subect-wise listing of Journals - Technology Management & Innovation

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Subject wise List
Publishers-wise List
S.No Journal
American Economic Review
2 Asian Case Research Journal
3 British Journal of Industrial Relations
4 Brookings Papers on Economic Activity
5 CRISIL Rating Scan
6   Econometrica
7 Economic Intelligence Service  
8 The Economic Journal  
9 Economica  
10 Indian Economic Diary  
11 The Indian Journal of Commerce  
12 Indian Journal of Economics  
13 Indian Journal of Industrial Relations  
14 Industrial & Labor Relations Review  
15 Industrial Relations Journal  
16 Journal of Development Economics  
17 The Journal of Development Studies  
18 Journal of Economic Literature  
19 Journal of Economic Perspectives  
20 Journal of Economics and Business  
21 Journal of Economics and Management Strategy  
22 Journal of Financial Economics  
23 Journal of Indian School of Political Economy  
24 The Journal of Industrial Economics  
25 Journal of Intellectual Capital  
26 Journal of International Business Studies  
27 Journal of International Economics  
28 Journal of Law, Economics and Organization  
29 Journal of Macroeconomics  
30 Journal of Political Economy  
31 Journal of World Trade: Law, Economics & Public Policy  
32 New Technology Work & Employment  
33 NSE News  
34 Oxford Economic Papers  
35 The Quarterly Journal of Economics  
36 The Rand Journal of Economics  
37 Review of Economic Studies  
38 Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies (RURDS)  
39 The World Bank Economic Review  
40 World Competition: Law & Economics Review  
41 World Development
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